LatinXhikers is a community dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors through digital story-telling and community outreach. What began as an online platform in August 2017 to inspire more people of color to go outdoors has evolved into an ever-growing movement. 





Adriana Garcia is a nature-loving, runner, backpacker, and ex-accountant that was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She grew up in a multiracial, Mormon family with two brothers, several cats, and an intense sense of curiosity that always had her exploring the woods behind her childhood home.


Throughout her youth and teenage years, she struggled with understanding her identity and where she fit in so she frequently escaped to what she knew best, the great outdoors. The outdoors provided her with a safe space and brought her that sense of belonging she yearned for. After years of spending time escaping to the outdoors, she realized she wanted to introduce its wonders to others. She'd always felt like it was a place that belonged to everyone. 


So in August 2017, after a whirlwind trip to Arizona and Utah with a group of her friends, she joined forces with Luz Lituma on a project that would allow them to inspire others through their experiences of being WOC in the outdoors. That is when Latinxhikers was created. What once was just an Instagram initiative, is now a growing community within the southeast region. 

Photo credit: Cherisa Hawkins




I'm 29 years old. Raised in Atlanta, GA and born in New York to Ecuadorian parents from a small town in the Amazon.I was born in the concrete jungle of New York in a very strict household surrounded by endless buildings. I was the youngest and only girl of the family. Naturally, I was the overprotected sheltered one.

Things changed when I went to college and started to travel. It became addictive. I wanted to explore the world every chance I had. I started off traveling to cities abroad and then turned into exploring the USA and our AMAZING public lands. 

Hiking and backpacking have become a new addiction to me as of 2 years ago. Being out in these public lands bring me peace from the fast city life. It’s a place to push myself to new limits, it’s a place for me to feel badass by choosing difficult paths or hiking alone. I feel most at home when I am surrounded by mountains, I believe it’s in my blood since my family is from the jungle, mountainous region. 

This is why sharing our stories and experiences was something I felt like we needed to take action. If it wasn’t for friends like Adriana showing me the outdoors, along with the power of social media peaking my interest, I would have never discovered this amazing lifestyle.