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Nature heals.

Yay for a new week! Last week was a rough one for me. I was recovering from pneumonia and if you’re like me you hate sitting still. It’s just not in my blood to relax. So when the doc told me I had to rest for an entire week I was thinking...F that. By Thursday, I was going stir-crazy😜 I was feeling a lot better though, so I planned a last minute camping trip to one of my favorite spots close to home. I NEEDED to get out of that house and I NEEDED to get outside. Idk if y’all know this but nature has amazing healing powers✨. The camping trip ended up being exactly what I needed and now I'm feeling refreshed and ready to take on another week. How did you spend your weekend??

Feature Friyay!

It's Feature Friyay! We're excited to introduce Emma (she/her) a half Salvadorian, half Guatemalan Nashville resident. Born in Cali, raised in South Florida, a Latinx lover of the Earth. Read her and her daughter's story below! "Growing up in South Florida my outdoor experiences mainly revolved around the beach and family fishing trips. When my family moved to Tennessee I was 17. At that age, I was angry about moving and dealt with a lot of anxiety and depression. I also felt incredibly out of place coming from such a diverse area of the country to here. I felt I had no identity here as a minority in school. Those feelings, unfortunately, led to the cycle of my poor mental health and acti

Project16x Recap

This past weekend at the @project16x retreat in Colorado we got shit done. That’s what happens when you put 18 badass women in a cabin at 11,000 ft in the middle of the wilderness. We learned, we created, we stepped far outside of our comfort zones, we had the hard conversations, we validated, we climbed, we made new friends, and most importantly, we grew. ⠀ ⠀ Thanks to the @boldbrewteam for creating this space and facilitating so this ✨magic✨ could happen. #whenwomenlead